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Before you buy a replacment, contact us for repair!

One of the biggest myth's in the computer industry is that, when a computer board, port, jack, or screen is damaged or broken, it means your computer's nearing it's death. Or if it's already dead that you'll have empty wallet syndrome after you replace it.

Not any more... If you've spilled something on your laptop, had the power cord break off, or even your system act funny or not boot up then you need to contact us to find out how to get your computer repaired without it costing you more than the computer did.

Your local computer board and component repair experts!

We can repair and replace most components on computer, laptop, and electronc board assemblies.  From simple solder repairs to microchip replacement, USB port, HDMI port, monitor port, charging cable connections - and more - we've got the exprience and expertise to do the job for you!

Choose your need below, or give us a call at 612.915.0547

DC Jack Repair

Current prices for laptop dc jack repairs.

Motherboard Repair

Review motherboard repair information.

LCD Screen Repair

More about LCD screen repair services.


We take pride in our quality and stand behind our repairs with a complete coverage 90-day warranty.

Local Repair

Our exprienced technicians can repair your device in our store, or we can come to you!

Depot Repair

If your local, we'll simply ship your broken device to us, and ship it back when it's fixed!

Expert Technicians

Our expert technicians can repair devices that others cannot - try us, and you'll see!
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